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I transetti

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014

The 2012 ACCOBAMS open call

ACCOBAMS 2012 open call for “Monitoring, research, training and projects relating to the conservation of Cetaceans”

2012 Call for Proposals (published in April 2012 on the web site)
The Permanent Secretariat launched the 2012 Call for Proposals 

At their Second Meeting (Palma de Mallorca, Spain, November 2004), the Parties to ACCOBAMS decided to establish a Supplementary Conservation Grants Fund from voluntary contributions of Parties or from any other source in order to increase the funds available for monitoring, research, training and projects relating to the conservation of Cetaceans.
The Parties agreed that the following conditions shall apply to the award of grants from the Supplementary Conservation Grants Fund (Resolution 2.4):
only developing Countries and Countries with economies in transition shall benefit from this funding;
the proposed activities should clearly contribute to the implementation of the Agreement and the priorities adopted by the Parties;
the proposed activities should be implemented at a national or sub-regional level;
inter-ministerial involvement and partnership with economic sectors and/or NGOs will be favoured;
the award for any single project will not exceed € 15,000;
priority will be granted to Parties having no unpaid pledge for the prior years.
The projects proposed under this call for proposals should address  capacity building issues
Submission of proposals should include the following documents:
-    Doc 1: a cover letter addressed to the Executive Secretary of ACCOBAMS;
-    Doc 2: a CV of the team leader;
-    Doc 3: the concept form completed;
-    Doc 4: the project presentation form completed;
-    Doc 5: a letter of support from the relevant ACCOBAMS National Focal Point of the Country where the proposed project will be implemented.
The submission should reach ACCOBAMS before 15th October 2012. Submission of proposals by e-mail shall be accepted provided they include scanned copies of Doc 1, Doc2, and Doc5 (all of them dated and signed). The original documents should be addressed by mail, and should reach the Secretariat of ACCOBAMS no later than 25th October 2012.
If needed, requests for clarification should be addressed to the Permanent Secretariat ( mcgrillo@accobams.net ) no later than 30th September 2012.
If you experience any trouble with the documents in Pdf, please contact the Permanent Secretariat ( cmontiglio@accobams.net ) to have the Word version.

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